Over the last few weeks many of our titles have received some pretty outstanding reviews. We’re betting you’ll get a real kick out of them.

The fine folks over at Codices featured Paranoia Press in a week-long series, covering four of our titles: “The Congruent Nature of Other Minds” (Sobczuk),  Barbed Wire Dreams (Stewart), Night Alleys (Stewart) and The Dremchak Memorandum (Stewart).

Asks the Dream also received shining accolades from Allen Stroud over on (another really fantastic resource for Sci-fi fans of all ilk and breed).

We’ve linked up all the reviews for you, but here’s a little sample of the shining goodness:

Night Alleys: “Just bravo! I eagerly await to see what more can James C. Stewart bring to the hungry reader.”
–Ventsi Dimitrov

Asks the Dream: “It is rare that a book pitches immovable object against irresistible force…Stewart has a slick descriptive style that keeps everything ticking along…”
–Allen Stroud

“The Congruent Nature of Other Minds”: “Jessa explores the issue with well prepared research and quotes that she shares in her essay. I am delighted in the way the author transforms this difficult matter into an easily digestible short work. ”
–Martin Beltov

The Dremchak Memorandum: “…If you dig aliens, horror and unexplainable happenings…then The Dremchak Memorandum is the weird read for you…”
–Ventsi Dimitrov

Barbed Wire Dreams: “Do read these stories if you enjoy a well written story-line and masterfully crafted atmospheres. Stunning!”
–Martin Beltov