1970 – 2017


A graduate of the Ontario College of Art, Mr. Armstrong’s work has been featured in group and solo exhibitions both in Canada and internationally. His work ventures from  mixed media drawings to large and small-scale oil paintings on board, stylistically containing elements of graffiti, Japanese and Persian calligraphy, dimensional typography and a strange, imaginative conjoining of symbols Armstrong called ‘evocation engines’. Says Armstrong, “My interest is in the potentiality of any given image, any given style. Painting is for me the activation and investigation of the relations of perceptual forms. The strange authorities that lie within any image will unlock a multiplicity of reference points. The viewer and the work are this relation—an evocation engine. The research that I have been undertaking into art, and art-historical practice, has pointed heavily towards the idea of the incomplete; that which allows a work and viewer to function as a process. Therefore much of the work has a stylistic drift, from ancient to contemporary theories, to my own versions of these theories.”
Paranoia Press is honoured to showcase Mr. Armstrong’s artwork on the covers of James C. Stewart’s short story collections, Barbed Wire DreamsNight Alleys and Shivering on Acid.



Josh R. Campbell has an 8-track mind; he writes, reads comics, edits, plays Ingress and grapples with our website, all with a podcast stuffed in his ear. Despite his obsessive tendencies, he has written several unproduced screenplays and treatments, as well as the OECTA Award-winning play “The Tedious Process of Post-Death Evaluation”.

His recent work includes PV analysis for Project Lixx. Paranoia Press is excitedly working to publish several of Mr. Campbell’s upcoming projects, and honoured to have him on our team as Senior Editor. He resides in North Bay, Ontario with the best woman he’s ever known and the coolest cats in the world.



Natasha Locicero received her Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Ontario, where she currently resides.

She began to experiment in all media as a child and continues to search for answers through painting, writing and other creative endeavours.
Her work involves vividly colourful images that speak of identity, magic and everyday moments, gathering inspiration from the people around her, and the world created in her head.

Currently she is working on a collection of poems inspired by dreams.



Teethed on horror and Science fiction, Jessa Sobczuk’s lifelong obsession with reading, writing and all things weird have led her to the preordained role of Managing Editor here at Paranoia Press.

Sobczuk’s work has appeared in Revue Magazine and Rue Morgue Magazine as well as, where she enjoyed a stint as online breaking news editor. During her time at Rue Morgue, she enjoyed writing on a wide range of topics from video games to short story anthologies, but she grew particularly fond of covering Japanese splatter films, and thinking up many different synonyms for “gore” and “blood spray”. Miss Sobczuk resides in North Bay, Ontario.

Paranoia Press is pleased to present her most latest work, The Book of Myth: A Collection of Poems.


WPJAMESBIOPICJames C. Stewart began his career as a journalist working at newspapers in Northern Ontario. In the late Eighties and early Nineties he was involved in Toronto’s underground music scene as both musician and journalist. As a dramatist, he authored two one-act scripts; Fractured (1999) and The Ezekiel Complex (2002). Both had successful runs, with Fractured being accepted into the Victoria British Columbia Fringe Festival, and The Ezekiel Complex adapted into a short independent film. His short fiction has appeared in Paradox: The Magazine of Historical & Speculative Fiction and in anthologies published by Wildside Press (Rockville, Maryland), Psychochick Cabaret (Toronto, Ontario) and Gadfly Productions (North Bay, Ontario). His non-fiction publications include The Ashlar Magazine (Scotland), The Canadian Awareness Network, Project Lixx and the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon. Mr. Stewart resides in North Bay, Ontario.

Paranoia Press is honoured to present a prolific collection of Mr. Stewart’s work, including two of his novels Asks the Dream and The Dremchak Memorandum.</P

deb art 003

Debra Sullivan has a background of 25+ years in graphic design, collaborating with many national and international clients to produce award-winning work, notably achieving ‘Best Poster’ design at the 1992 Ontario Theatre Awards.

Her work has been appeared in publications too numerous to list here.

Paranoia Press is honoured to present her work on book covers such as Asks the Dream, The Dremchak Memorandum and GW2 (3.23.7).

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