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5 STARS: “In a long time I have not ever suspected that only in three stories length I may find such gems! Do read these stories if you enjoy a well written story-line and masterfully crafted atmospheres. Stunning!” [Read the full review here.]

Martin Beltov, Codices

5 STARS: “Barbed Wire Dreams contains three previously published stories from the unusual mind of James C. Stewart. The first of these, ‘The Haunting of Doric Lodge’, is the superior of the bunch. Written in the first person and set in Northern Ontario, this genuinely creepy tale follows the progress of a Mason as he uncovers the buried truth of a ghost believed to be haunting his lodge. The tale travels on several levels, and intrigues with its Northern Ontario history hidden in the odd footnotes added to the story, footnotes which lend an air of almost academic believability. Add to this the already controversial nature of Freemasonry and you have fodder for a truly captivating tale. The second story, ‘The Penteract Factor’, sees Stewart examine the concept of multiverses and superluminal communication (both possibilities in the bizarre world of theoretical physics). It’s a fascinating tale, and in what can only be described as a metaphysical twist, the author himself makes an appearance. The third tale, the super short ‘Alecto’s Smirk’, is a wonderfully written piece of fiction speaking from a strictly mechanical view, but it left this reader confused as to what exactly was happening. But it’s a sweet little story to be sure, and the empathy of the piece translates, albeit disjointedly. I’d recommend this short collection to anyone interested in the bizarre, the strange, the paranoid, or anyone questioning the nature of reality. An easy five stars for the surprise and apparently hidden talent of Mr. Stewart.”

Dr. RJ Young, Amazon


Jessa says: On a personal note, I first read “The Haunting of Doric Lodge” after JCS agreed to meet me for an interview and talk about UMBRA 2 UMBRA, his current comic book project. I was doing some pre-interview stalking of Mr. Stewart when I came across this historically rich and impeccably footnoted tale about a haunted Mason Lodge in Northern Ontario. I can’t help but feel this experience has left an indelible mark on me, as since then I have moved the press (and my whole self) to Northern Ontario and I am now picking Mr. Stewart’s brain on a weekly basis.

We present to you three more of his ethereal and mind-altering stories, with the promise of much more for your hungry brains on the horizon.

“The Haunting of Doric Lodge”
A Mason’s strange account and investigation into paranormal activity plaguing a Northern Ontario lodge.

“Alecto’s Smirk”
Local hood Trapt is unaware of extradimensional fallout.

“The Penteract Factor”
Max Allan’s déjà-vu leads to a comprehensive re-write.